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medical autoclave repair service and maintenance - Massachusetts

equipment repairs and maintenance

With quick turnaround times, Strictly Sterilizers is your one-stop shop for sterilizer and autoclave repair services, keeping you up and running. With our full range of sterilization equipment repair and maintenance services, you can be ready. Reducing downtime for you is our top priority.

autoclave repair and maintenance


It’s a busy day and you are in the middle of sterilizing your equipment to keep everything running smoothly. Suddenly, your machine stops working mid-cycle and you’re almost out of sterile equipment... With the proper preventative maintenance plan, we keep your sterilizers in top condition, to ensure they work properly all the time.

Regular maintenance of your sterilization equipment is key to optimizing performance while reducing downtime and the need for repair. We offer preventive maintenance plans that ensure the longevity of your machines. Work with our office to create the best plan catered to your specific needs. Keep your machines up and running and in the best condition they can be! 


Your sterilizer was working perfectly the day before, but when you go into the office the next morning, you find that it’s throwing off an error code and will not run. The day is fully booked, and you begin to panic about not having enough sterile equipment... With our same day services, we will come pick up your broken sterilizer and swap it with one of our loaners, to keep you up and running until we diagnose and repair your machine. 

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extend the life of your current equipment

Your sterilizers are just flat-out old and broken, and you do not know what to do with them. We offer complete restoration for most make and models.

sterilizer/autoclave equipment sales

We have everything you need in one convenient location, whether your sterilizer equipment needs to be replaced, you're expanding your facilities and locations and need equipment to get your operation running smoothly, or you're adding sterilizers to your business layout. We offer both new and used steriizer equipment sales. 

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